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Tips of Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

One of the main elements of any Indian wedding is the centre level. This area gets maximum attention as the bride-to-be and the bridegroom are confined to the space for almost all of the time. Because of this, the centre level sometimes appears in almost all of the photos of any wedding recording.

Below are a few of the latest level wedding stage decoration Dubai - Save The Date professional has created this list.

#1. Lamps and flower

No wedding decor seems complete with out a combo of light strings and fresh blooms. The synergy of the two elements makes a perfect backdrop for the centre level. Firstly, get the complete stage protected with soft-coloured drapes. And, simply put in a string of equipment and lighting plus some beautiful flowers to provide an incredible festive look your level.

India wedding decoration in Dubai

Plants certainly do make a fundamental element of every wedding's decor.

#2. Excellent hangings and drapes

Another dreamy combo is that of dazzling hangings and draperies. A track record of satin curtains along with strings of shiny hangings or crystals makes a movie like loving backdrop for the marriage day. The curtains can be of any coloring while the gleaming crystals just add more energy to the surroundings of celebrations.

#3. Silk drapes

If you truly believe in the mantra- 'less is more', then this style is simply perfect for your wedding level. A straightforward drape of satin drape over the centre stage appears classy and tasteful. You may either choose pearly white curtains or match them according to your decor theme. Whatever be the selection of colour, satin curtains add the perfect touch of panache to your wedding theme.

4. White and gold

Another simple yet graceful way to dress the backdrop of a marriage stage has been white and precious metal drapes. This blend looks wealthy and sophisticated, and runs well with the festive sense.

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#5. Royal background

Nothing identifies an Indian wedding much better than the color of gold. Generate a classic centre level backdrop with unnatural pillars and arches of the royal coloring. The setup can not only look good, but will also make your photographs standout. The royal sense liked by you as well as your spouse will of course, be an extra advantage.

Indian wedding stage decoration

#6. Red and gold

Red is the color for love and platinum is the color for prosperity. Both shades are of great importance in Indian culture for a happy relationship. Moreover, these colors make stunning backdrop for the centre level. A drape in red and silver will provide you with a royal feel. You can always add blossoms for a fancier look.

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#7. Pink and white

Allow eternal blend of white and pink explain its magic on your wedding level. Drapes of red silk along with white produce a soothing backdrop. You can even have drapes of one among these colours, also to that, some interesting props, such as windows panes, paisleys, etc., of the other color. Add bouquets to these curtains for an extra medication dosage of love, and you have the perfect wedding level.