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Your Choice Dubai Wedding Planner

Your wedding is truly one of the most important days of your life. That is why we are here to make those days more meaningful and significant. Live your dreams during your wedding with us at Fabulous Day.

Your Dream To Reality

Your dream to realityA celebration of two people is very vital and their love for each other should be a joyous event. From the planning of the wedding to the very actual day, we are going to guide you through the journey that you have chosen, through wedding planning and we are surely going to make it fun and stress-free. Fabulous Day will make your dream wedding be the very fabulous reality wedding that everyone could have dreamed off. It is going to be a very amazing celebration that everyone will just go in awe and be amazed of the wedding. We would truly love to have you with us, plan and be delighted for the coming wedding from start to finish, or simply provide with on-the-day management service.

Our Commitment

Here are the services that we provide to ensure your wedding would be perfect. To start off with the bridal attire recommendation, the management of the budget, design of the cake. Ceremony and etiquette consulting would also be very important. Planning and scheduling your dream event, on-site management for the duration of the event. Service referrals that are professional like the audio and visual, decoration, entertainment, floral, photography, hair and makeup rentals would also be available. The special effects and the theme development and styling is also important. Transportation and the venue for recommendation and booking will be accommodated.

Choice wedding service in DubaiWe would like to remind you that our mission is to take you through a very pleasant journey in creating your dream wedding. We will focus on every detail and promise to never lose sight of the whole picture. While you rejoice everything that happens during the wedding, which you truly deserve, we will be taking care of everything else.

You have a very important mission that is ahead of you, and that is to plan your big Fabulous Day. From the smallest detail that you could think of and to the biggest detail that you want to have your wedding with, we will take care all of it! And if you can dream it, we can create it!

The day of coordination while you are prepping for your wedding, we are in the behind the scenes just to make sure everything will go smooth.