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Five Continental Tire Types in Dubai

While most people pay thorough attention to the model, price, amenities, etc. of the car they buy, the tires are not much thought about. Installing the right tires is crucial as they perform a range of functions from taking your vehicle’s load to helping you change directions while driving. One of the more popular tire brands is Continental. They are consistently top-rated and are known to deliver high performance. A few models of this leading tire brand are available for pocket-friendly prices. Although traction, comfort, and longer tread life are some of the qualities necessary in a tire, people hesitate to purchase the good ones due to their higher prices. The different Continental tyres Dubai are listed below. 

ComfortContact CC6

Manufactured in the Czech Republic, this model is one of the best tire options for your car. With a size of 175/65, this tire comes built with a Harmonic Comfort Chamber technology and an Od-B eater that reduces the level of noise. Guaranteed to provide a higher mileage and comfortable ride, courtesy of its Whisper compound, the ComfortContact CC6 is the one best Continental tires out there.

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ContiEcoContact 5

Designed with an optimized rolling resistance, this tire, by reducing your car’s fuel consumption proves to be a great pick, not just for your vehicle but also for the environment. Whether the roads are wet or dry, the ContiEcoContact 5 has got your back with its brilliant braking safety technology. The way the grip of this tire has been designed and the bead reinforcements guarantee your safety on the road. 

UltraContact UC6

The UltraContact UC6 comes crafted with a Diamond Edge Technology that ensures maximum contact with the road while braking, decreasing the tread flex. It comes coated with a Diamond Edge compound that simultaneously ensures a better mileage and shorter braking distance. The ideal tire for your everyday car, this model is equipped with an enhanced version of the Noise Breaker design that helps reduce the discordant sounds that some tires make.

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Conti Cross Contact LX 2

With its size of 275/70, the Conti Cross Contact LX 2 is the perfect tire for your SUV. Not only does it ensure your comfort while driving, but the tire also provides superior mileage. It performs outstandingly while braking on both wet and dry roads. Designed to please, the contour of the tire distributes the pressure evenly, while the tire pattern ensures that excellent traction when using your vehicle off-road. 

Conti Sport Contact 5

Built with the Black Chilli Technology, this tire model gives excellent braking distances in both wet and dry roads and in all sorts of weather. The unique material of the tire guarantees little rolling resistance, leading to superior mileage and reduced consumption of fuel. Perfect for sports cars, the Conti Sport Contact 5 provides an increased grip on the road and easy handling while speeding or turning corners.