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Should You Buy or Rent a Car in Dubai

Dubai has one of the highest cars to people ratios in the world. In a city that has a high number of cars, the question of the best option between buying and renting is common. Each has its pros and cons but there is one that will give you value for your money depending on why you are in Dubai and for how long. Of course, you can buy Mazda but you will find there is no need when visiting the city for a business or holiday trip. Here are some reasons why you should consider a rental car over buying your own.

Buy or Rent a Car in Dubai


If you are in the city for a long vacation, you can consider services like cheap car rent. You will not have the heartache of selling the vehicle at a throw-away price because you have to leave the country. A rental car gives you convenience because you can visit any place any time until you are done with your stay.

Change the Car Type

The cost of buying a new car is high and not everyone can afford the luxury of changing the model every year. Also, you might not use a luxury car for a road trip, but you can consider it for a high-end business meeting. Rental cars give you the freedom to change the model to fit the event. You can also hire depending on the number of people in your crew.

No Depreciation Cost

The moment you drive off a new car from the showroom, it starts depreciating. You can avoid a reduction in the value of a car by opting for car rentals. The car rental company caters to this expense throughout your trip. However, you should take care to prevent avoidable damage which can accrue extra charges from the car rental company.

No Extra Insurance Requirement

Most insurance companies take care of rental car insurance cover. This saves you the burden of paying for coverage. You should contact your service provider or read the terms and conditions of your insurance. Some providers may offer partial coverage in which case you can buy the remaining coverage. Apart from that, there are other services like regular maintenance on buying a new car.

Rent a Car So Easy

Less Paperwork

Before attaining full ownership of any vehicle, it has to go through processes. It becomes worse if you have to secure a loan to purchase the car. Considering all the hectic paperwork in the registry, insurance, traffic departments, and financial institutions, it is cheap and more convenient to rent a car. Most car rental companies allow for online booking and even payment, making the process even easier.