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Things to keep in mind while designing wedding invitation cards

Wedding invitation cards in Dubai are the first things your guests see about your wedding unless you are updating them with every shopping detail on Instagram. If you’re really not exposing everything online, your invitation card is an essential component of your wedding planning. If you’ve reached this stage of taking the decision about the cards, you most probably already have an idea or two about the colors, theme and design. Here are a few tips you can look forward to, to optimize the precision of execution of your grand plan.

Define Your Wedding Style

Invitation cards DubaiWhen you land to the point of deciding about your wedding cards, you must already know the kind and style of event you are hosting such as whether it is outdoor or indoor, elegant or extravagant and time of the event. Try to reflect the style of your wedding through the fonts, style and design of your cards. Such as if you are going for a night function, you can choose some bright scheme and if you’re going for the typical daytime event, you can choose the bright and sunny scheme. Through the already thought style of your wedding, make a sketch of how you want your invitation cards Dubai.

Choose Your Color Scheme

If you are following a particular theme at your wedding, the choice for the colors for the invitation cards is easy. Try to synchronize the wedding theme in the colors and design of your card. It will not only help the guests get an idea of what kind of wedding you have planned and what they should expect but it will also help them decide what kind and color of dress they will like to wear. Good invitation cards help both ways. It sets expectations, make your guests feel important and help them remember the day in their schedule.

Decide the Size

Colorlines WeddingIt is considered ideal to send standard envelop-sized wedding invitation cards in Dubai. However, the trends keep changing and people keep trying different shapes and sizes such as square, round and heart-shaped cards. Although, while deciding the size and shape of the card you must consider how far they will be posted and if the process will affect your budget because expenses for card postage increase with the size of the package. you can also order custom canvas prints with each card as a memorial to that day.

What You Want to Say

After the size, design and color of your card, the most important thing is what you are writing on the cards. It is advised to invite your guests with a cordial opening sentence that makes them happy about the invitation, mention their full names, and tell them how they will make you excited and honored with their presence at your wedding. It’s better to go for non-typical writing for your invitation card. After that, mention accurate information such as venue, time of the event and better if you mention the possible route.